JD Schuman defends physicians in Medicare audits, and provides legal counsel on Federal medicare compliance plans. Mr. Schuman provides regular Medicare advice to physicians from Ft. Pierce to Miami. 

JD Schuman law has vast experience defending physicians in overpayment audits, Medicare Part B disputes, Physical Therapy Audits, insurance denials or reductions in payments, and administrative hearings. As former Prosecuting Attorney for the Office of General Counsel - Medicare Baltimore Central Office - Mr. Schuman has over 30 years experience defending physicians.

Providing preventative advice, Mr. Schuman can help you prevail or avoid Medicare or Private Insurance audits. He will also draft Compliance Plans to adhere to current Federal Stark laws and Anti-kickback statutes. Mr. Schuman is up-to-date on Medicare Compliance Laws and can advise you on how to handle Mandatory Overpayment Disclosures. 

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