Physicians are often told that a patient needs observation status or discharge by social workers or discharge planners. Is this legal? If you are a physician, with a full license, you alone should decide the status of your patients. 

If you're concerned about the well-being of a loved one undergoing hospital or nursing home care, you also need to know the law. JD Schuman has expertise and will advocate on your behalf. 

Get answers and allay your concerns about: 

  • Understanding nursing home patient rights. 
  • What legally constitutes a three-day (3-day) hospital stay as a nursing home pre-requisite.
  • Inpatient v Outpatient Observation: Was patient really admitted to the hospital, or were they actually in observation status?
  • Responsibility of hospital discharge officials: They have a legal duty to help patients find an appropriate nursing home or the next step-down level of care. 
  • What happens after 100 days in a nursing home? How can a patient extend his or her stay? 
  • Gaining advice when signing Advance Beneficiary Notices that have significant financial implications.
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