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MEDICARE Physician Defense

  • Mandatory Overpayment Disclosure Laws
  • Physician Fraud & Abuse
  • Stark Law
  • Anti-kickback Issues
  • Physician Appeals
  • Physician Upcoding
  • Physician Audits
  • CPT Code Billing Errors
  • Correct Documentation 
  • Administrative Hearings

Medicare Law

  • Medicare Fraud & Abuse
  • Medicare Part B Audits
  • Medicare Overpayments
  • Medicare Appeals
  • Medicare Audit Prevention
  • Discharge Planning
  • Medicare Inquiries
  • Medicare Federal Law
  • Secondary Payments

Hospital/Nursing Homes

  • Hospital Law
  • Hospital Discharges
  • Hospital Observation Stays
  • Hospice Rights
  • Hospice Coverage
  • Medical Proxy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Nursing Home Rights
  • Nursing Home Appeals
  • Patient Advocate
  • Long Term Care Facilities

As a physician, your primary focus should be patient care, not the nuisance of dealing with audits, Medicare claims and Federal bureaucracy. Turn to JD Schuman Law to reduce this burden. 

JD Schuman defends physicians in Medicare audits, and provides legal counsel on Federal medicare compliance plans. Mr. Schuman provides regular Medicare advice to physicians from Ft. Pierce to Miami. 

JD Schuman law has vast experience defending physicians in overpayment audits, Medicare Part B disputes, Physical Therapy Audits, insurance denials or reductions in payments, and administrative hearings. As former Prosecuting Attorney for the Office of General Counsel - Medicare Baltimore Central Office - Mr. Schuman has over 30 years experience defending physicians.

Providing preventative advice, Mr. Schuman can help you prevail or avoid Medicare or Private Insurance audits. He will also draft Compliance Plans to adhere to current Federal Stark laws and Anti-kickback statutes. Mr. Schuman is up-to-date on Medicare Compliance Laws and can advise you on how to handle Mandatory Overpayment Disclosures. 

New changes in Medicare Law often cause physicians to be audited for unintentional upcoming, wrongful use of CPT codes and improper referrals. Many physicians will be audited for lack of specificity in their clinical documentation. 

Medicare does not publish its documentation requirements, yet physicians are expected to comply with these unknown set of rules. It would be as if you were driving on the road - without a published speed limit - and got a traffic citation when you were not informed of the proper rules of the road. You shouldn't have to guess at the plain meaning of Medicare Law. 

When hit by an audit, you need an experienced attorney who "knows" the system and is informed on real-time changes to Medicare Law. 

Physicians are often told that a patient needs observation status or discharge by social workers or discharge planners. Is this legal? If you are a physician, with a full license, you alone should decide the status of your patients. 

If you're concerned about the well-being of a loved one undergoing hospital or nursing home care, you also need to know the law. JD Schuman has expertise and will advocate on your behalf. 

Get answers and allay your concerns about: 

  • Understanding nursing home patient rights. 
  • What legally constitutes a three-day (3-day) hospital stay as a nursing home pre-requisite.
  • Inpatient v Outpatient Observation: Was patient really admitted to the hospital, or were they actually in observation status?
  • Responsibility of hospital discharge officials: They have a legal duty to help patients find an appropriate nursing home or the next step-down level of care. 
  • What happens after 100 days in a nursing home? How can a patient extend his or her stay? 
  • Gaining advice when signing Advance Beneficiary Notices that have significant financial implications.

Do you know how to read your hospital or physician's bill? 

After your loved one has become ill, you should be able to focus on taking care of your family or friends. You should not have to deal with hospital or physician billing errors, double billings, or charges for items and services which were never performed or are not medically necessary or reasonable.  

An experienced attorney such as Mr. Schuman can explain the hospital bill to you and negotiate a payment plan or get your hospital or physicians bill reduced when errors happen.